About Us

Empty Frets are:

Sarah Fargher - vocals and rhythm ukulele

Steve Adams - vocals and lead ukulele/guitar/banjo

Ian Woodhouse - drums

Jim Brown - vocals, bass, guitar, banjo

Rob Tarbard - bass, guitar

 Rob and Jim swap around on the bass leaving opportunities for an extra rhythm guitar or even a banjo cameo!. But we also have our great friend Johnny Read who helps out on bass when he's not playing for his main band, Dog Ruff.

   Steve has played in a variety of bands for longer than he cares to admit to but it adds up to a whole heap of plucking and twanging! That's a lot of rock'n'roll, blues, country and folk rock ... and it influences a lot of what Empty Frets play.

 Sarah, our main vocalist,  meanwhile comes from a background of drama and singing and has introduced Steve to the strange and seductive world of the ukulele. She also performs with the Southampton Ukulele Jam, a wonderful band of massed ukuleles producing  lovely, lively, happy music! Meanwhile Steve has converted (corrupted) Sarah into playing tenor guitar including a flashy little solid electric which is great for rock' n 'roll!

 Ian also has a long history of playing drums in various bands. He's not quite sure how he came to be drawn into Empty Frets but he's enjoying the challenge. At least that's what we've told him!

The result for Empty Frets is a mix of old and new songs (some of them originals). There are a lot of songs from the '60's in the set but also covers of numbers by more up-to-date artists such as Amy Macdonald and Meghan Trainor. There's a bit of Irish and a bit of Country -  a bit of Blondie and even a bit of BeyoncĂ©!.    

In other words - a bit of everything! And all stuff the band enjoy playing, a fact which comes over when they perform.

There is also an honorary Empty Fretter - Roger Tutt is our photographer and video specialist. A number of the photos on this site are courtesy of Rog. He claims to be incompetent but at the same time says that's what makes him eligible to be a member of Empty Frets!