Hello! Like every other band/musician we've suffered with losing all our gigs throughout 2020. And worse, lots of the great venues we were due to play at are struggling or maybe even gone so we can only hope that those businesses and people come through this bad time and we wish them well.

 But, more positively, we have used the time to write and record an album - 12 original tracks titled "Out Of Our Minds" - it is available on Spotify at  https://open.spotify.com/album/7r573KCOiF7QZMyhFBkoNc?si=77D2y0MPRUG-llU4wQowmQ ( or just enter Empty Frets and the title) and on CD. Click below to see the short promo video....

 18th Dec 2020 ... it is with great sadness that we announce the passing today of Roger Tutt, a great friend and supporter of the band from   the earliest days. Roger took most of the photos on this website, we will miss him and send our sincere condolences to his wife, Ronnie.

Take a look at Empty Frets News .... kind of a blog area where we can just tell you a bit about what's going on. May be vaguely interesting .....

 Click the buttons below to get some videos: all recorded on mobile phones so not top quality (that's our excuse anyway!).



Empty Frets  formed in late 2013 and has since played in a wide variety  of places from pubs and clubs to festivals and parties. We started life as a 3-piece playing a lot of acoustic as well as amplified music but now we tend to rock it up a bit more! However we can still turn our hands to acoustic or semi-acoustic sessions (luckily Sarah has a powerful voice so doesn't need a mic half the time anyway!)

Usually a 5-piece band based mainly around guitars,  bass and drums we also use ukuleles and banjo (once memorably described as "the devil's toothpick") on some numbers and play a range of music from the Buddy Holly of the '60's  to Paloma Faith, Beth Hart, and Bryan Adams of the '00's. There's a bit of Country, some Folk Rock, and more than a touch of Blues too. Plus a few original numbers thrown into the mixture.

Generally laid-back in approach our general objective is to provide a variety of good music. And have fun!!