Next gigs ... Thurs 19th March -guest band at Wheel inn open Mic; Sat 21st March charity gog at Milford Community Centre

Listen to "Dreaming"  and "You're So Bad" on Spotify, Itunes and Tidal... more tracks to follow...

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Empty Frets  formed in late 2013 and has since played in a wide variety  of places from pubs and clubs to festivals and parties. We started life as a 3-piece playing a lot of acoustic as well as amplified music but now we tend to rock it up a bit more! However we can still turn our hands to acoustic or semi-acoustic sessions (luckily Sarah has a powerful voice so doesn't need a mic half the time anyway!)

Usually a 5-piece band based mainly around guitars,  bass and drums we also use ukuleles and banjo (once memorably described as "the devil's toothpick") on some numbers and play a range of music from the Buddy Holly of the '60's  to Paloma Faith and Bryan Adams of the '00's. There's a bit of Country, some Folk Rock, and more than a touch of Blues too. Plus a few original numbers thrown into the mixture.

Generally laid-back in approach our general objective is to provide a variety of good music. And have fun!!